Interview Orianthi Panagaris

Hey guys!
It is with great joy that I once again interview someone who has influenced me and whom 
I have admired for years!  Thanksss God !
Orianthi is undoubtedly my biggest musical influence and having her here is 
an honor for me. Thanks much Ori <3
So , Lets go!

How did you learn to play?
I learnt to play guitar when I was 6 years old .
 My dad taught me how to play chords and I also studied classical at 10 years old then moved to electric at 11.

Where do you live?
I live in Los Angeles

How did you start your career?
I started my career when I was 15 and left school to pursue my dream .. played in bars till I was 20 then I signed with Interscope / Geffen records

How is going the tour with Richie Sambora?
Touring with my partner richie Sambora is a blast we have a great band and love to switch it up every night and so proud of our new tunes so can't wait to tour the new rso record soon

You are the greatest guitar of the word and a influence for other people. How do you fell about that? What are your influences?
It means a lot when I get messages from people who are learning guitar and have been inspired by my playing .

Would like you coming to Brazil?
 I can't wait to get back to Brazil again soon

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Thank you all for your love and support !

Thank you so much Orianthi!

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